She apologizes to Jutta Ditfurth for asking Wolfgang Bosbach to leave the show.

She apologizes to Jutta Ditfurth for asking Wolfgang Bosbach to leave the show.

This is what the commission for determining the financial needs of the broadcasters (KEF) assumes. KEF boss Heinz Fischer-Heidlberger expressed himself accordingly in the MDR. At the same time, however, he restricted that exact figures would only be available «» when you know what is on the table in 2019/2020 «». Nevertheless, the KEF does not expect broadcasters’ costs to rise further in the next few years and therefore there will be an «» increase in premiums in an «» unusual «» magnitude. Fischer-Heidlberger praised the «» saving efforts «» of the public broadcasters, but pointed out that new technologies and the «» expansion of media libraries and telemedia «» resulted in additional expenses that «» had to be «financed».

The biggest financial problem for the broadcasters is likely to be the company pensions of the employees, which threaten to become a massive burden due to the low interest rates. Last year, KEF recommended a reduction in contributions to 17.21 euros per household for the years 2017 to 2020 . In addition, there will also be savings in the personnel area at the broadcasters. As the «» Bild «» newspaper reports, 370 jobs will be lost at ARD alone in the next three years.

  Source:, awi «Christian Wulff is once again missing the chance to get the hang of it, says. The rest of the press agrees with this tenor. He no longer has any political weight, can honesty, independence and trust This Federal President simply does not want to recognize his situation and remains so fatally true to himself.Christian Wulff at the end? The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung says that both Christian Wulff’s declaration before the Christmas holidays and the now broadcast television talk only «» under external (extreme) pressure came about «» – no trace of «» inner sovereignty «».

For days there had been debates about possible successors or new appointment procedures for the office of the Federal President – this clearly shows the newspaper what the outside world thinks about Wulff. But the newspaper admits: «» The Federal President’s powers are narrow (which may have contributed to the moral exaggeration of the office). That is why the republic can also endure a president on probation. «» As a consequence, however, the reputation of politicians will continue to decline. «» Who is the use of a president who can barely gain political weight? «» Asks the Märkische Oderzeitung. «» Influence and prestige can only be achieved through trust.

Even with yesterday’s appearance, Christian Wulff did not regain his trust in his words, in his honesty and independence, «» states the paper. That is why this Federal President remains speechless – «» despite all the rhetorical trickery and rabulistic declarations «».biology essays services Its entrenchment in Bellevue Palace does not serve to protect the office.

Rather, Wulff wants to save himself over time, the newspaper from Frankfurt / Oder continues. «» As a result, the highest constitutional body is only exposed to the ridicule of its citizens. It’s just embarrassing. The office is at least three numbers too big for this president. «» The Süddeutsche Zeitung perceives a federal president who is currently using all his energy to «» explain himself and to apologize for his mistakes «». With that he is «» a President Laocoon – one who has got entangled in his contradictions, is being strangled by them and tries to get air out of one and another public statement.

He is a president who holds on to his office in his weakness because the office gives him the support that he otherwise does not have. According to the Basic Law, the Federal President exercises the right of grace; Christian Wulff is the first Federal President to pardon himself. «» The Munich Mercury comes to the same conclusion – this paper also calls requests for pardon the matter of the Federal President. «» But please not on your own behalf, «» warns it. Because «» part of the much-invoked dignity of the Federal President’s office is that its owner recognizes when he can no longer serve the office.

Regardless of the misconduct, the moment will be reached at the latest when the citizens, instead of listening, make contemptuous remarks as soon as the President speaks. The office in which Theodor Heuss and Richard von Weizsäcker set standards did not deserve such miniaturization. But Christian Wulff does not want to recognize his situation, saving himself in ever new apologies. (…) «» Wulff also waddles the Heilbronn voice off, because he did not explain anything, but rather transfigured facts. «» That leaves him a president on call. Someone who no longer lives up to his own moral claims, which are often formulated. «» The statements made by the Federal President in the television interview were «» shameful «». «» His low-interest loans are not dishonorable, he would take free holidays with friends again and again. Wulff remains true to himself in a fatal way.

He cannot restore the reputation of his office. «» Source: «A resolute Wofgang Bosbach leaves Sandra Maischberger’s panel on Wednesday. The pictures of the storming politician then instigate Twitter users to creative heights – #BosbachLeavingThings is that Funny result.In her talk show, presenter Sandra Maischberger actually wants to deal with the riots around the G20 summit in Hamburg on Wednesday evening. Wolfgang Bosbach, a favorite guest of the talk show organizers, is invited – but nothing is ordinary that evening. A heated discussion with the former Green politician Jutta Ditfurth puts the CDU politician so enraged that he leaves the show indignantly.

Moderator Sandra Maischberger can only watch as Bosbach storms furiously from the ARD studio. Bosbach’s exit is also making waves on social media – users submit creative suggestions under the hashtag #BosbachLeavingThings as to which scenes Bosbach could otherwise leave. The classic should not be missing – Bosbach leaves the Beatles unceremoniously on what is probably the most famous zebra crossing in the world: The CDU politician also leaves Checkpoint Charlie behind him unimpressed: the Helene Fischer Show, Mc Donald’s and the pyramids of Gizeh fare similarly: and Chancellor Merkel … is left standing in two ways: Bosbach does not leave the G20 protests entirely voluntarily: Completely voluntarily, however, the original – the departure from Maischberger – even if Leonardo di Caprio was not there in the original: Source:, jgu «Yanis Varoufakis says the video with the finger was a fake. (Photo: AP) Greece is running out of money. The R egations in Athens and Berlin are on course for confrontation. And what is «» Günther Jauch «» about? The question of whether Yanis Varoufakis showed the Germans the finger.

Afterwards you are always smarter. Yanis Varoufakis has now realized that the photo session for the magazine «Paris Match» «was not a good idea. The Greek finance minister should have already been aware during the broadcast that he would have been better off not taking part in Günther Jauch’s talk show. That wasn’t because of him, though.

Because his middle finger will be remembered. To be more precise, the main topic of discussion is whether he has shown Germany the finger or not. At least that suggests a video (from 1:46 minute) that the editorial team recorded.

Jauch then asked: «» The stinky finger for Germany, Minister. The Germans pay the most and are by far the most criticized for this. How does that fit together? «» The context in which the video was created was not explained. It is an appearance in Zagreb in 2013, long before the economist Varaoufakis became Greek finance minister. At the time, he said that Greece would have accepted the bankruptcy in May 2010 and could not repay the debt, as Argentina had shown.

That would have «» shown Germany the finger «», so Varoufakis with the appropriate gesture. Well, one could object. Is this a problem? At least on the show. There a current reference to the appearance was established and suggested.

Varoufakis would speak as acting finance minister. It wasn’t fair. Varoufakis claimed the video was bogus.

And so the main discussion after the broadcast is: Did the minister lie or tell the truth? As if there is nothing more important. In doing so, Varoufakis tried really hard to collect sympathy points from German viewers. The conditions for this were favorable. The minister from Athens had more speaking time than the other guests combined – which was really not a shame. Bavaria’s Finance Minister Markus Söder rode the populism wave as usual.

He did not want to contribute anything substantial and limited himself to empty phrases such as the demand that the Greek government «should do its homework» «. «» Bild «» columnist Ernst Elitz hardly took place at all. That was bearable. «» Taz «» – business correspondent Ulrike Herrmann jumped to Varoufakis calmly and objectively. But you never had the impression that someone was listening to her, so it was definitely not up to the guests that Varoufaki’s charm offensive failed. It was because, in principle, he didn’t say anything specific. Instead he preferred to speak of the common «» House of Europe «» or the responsibility of two «» proud nations «» for the European project.

Apart from cheap formulations, there was nothing. When asked how much longer the money will last, Varoufakis replied with a detailed commitment to Europe before he casually mentioned that his country had «» an insignificant, small liquidity problem. «» That was a huge understatement, but it fitted his message : In view of the enormous opportunities and the solvable problem called Greece, do we really want to let Europe fail? It would have been interesting if the group had discussed this question, for example. But she didn’t. Jauch was primarily concerned with German sensitivities, Varoufakis was concerned with presenting himself as an ardent European. Anyone who listened to the group easily forgot that Greece was about to go bankrupt and that the eurozone was in huge trouble.

Instead, the middle finger of the Greek finance minister is now an issue. In view of the real problems in Europe, this is an enormous achievement. Source: «Sandra Maischberger’s attempts to appease Jutta Ditfurth continue to fail. (Photo: dpa) Moderator Sandra Maischberger tries to smooth things over after the scandal in her talk. She apologizes to Jutta Ditfurth for asking her to leave the show like Wolfgang Bosbach. But the ex-Greens remains on a confrontational course. In the dispute over the messed up TV show «Maischberger» «Jutta Ditfurth follows up. The editorial network Germany (RND ) said the left-wing activist: «» Ms. Maischberger was completely on the side of Mr. Bosbach, who would not survive a bar discussion with this unworldly mimosa-like character. «» The CDU politician Wolfgang Bosbach left the studio annoyed on Wednesday after a heated discussion with Ditfurth.Moderator Sandra Maischberger then demanded from the former Green politician that she also leave the show t.

That Maischberger apologized a little later, Ditfurth apparently does not go far enough: «» You would also have to apologize for the fact that I was then not allowed to say another word. «» Bosbach, for his part, made it clear to n-tv that he was about to leave No regrets of cameras. «» What Ms. Ditfurth has done has blown every framework, «said the domestic politician. «» That has nothing to do with the culture of discussion. «» During the talk show on the riots around the G20 summit, Ditfurth described Bosbach as «» little mimosa «». Source:, cri / dpa «Bei the agreement with ARD and ZDF that is being sought this year, the German Football Association (DFB) wants to collect 80 million euros annually for a television contract until 2009. In return, the public broadcasters will receive the broadcasting rights for the home games of the German national team, the DFB-Pokal, the regional league and women’s soccer The previous contract expires in mid-2004. For the current five-year contract, ARD and ZDF paid around 385 million euros.

The Cologne-based private broadcaster RTL had also tried to obtain the rights. Source: «News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by on the subject of ARDpicture alliance / dpa» The attack harmless, the midfield sluggish, the defense blatant Bare: In the World Cup start fiasco against Mexico, the DFB team presents itself as unworld champions. Of all things, two problem children are bright spots. Our own colleagues stole the joke from us, but we are happy to repeat it: The opening game of the German national soccer team at the World Cup in Russia should go down in history as a fiasco Mexicana.

The 0: 1 (0: 1) in front of 78,011 spectators in the sold-out Moscow Luschniki Stadium this early Sunday evening showed that the team of national coach Joachim Loew is in a lot of trouble. And instead of dreaming of a successful title defense, the DFB-Elf is now about to win against Sweden next Saturday in Sochi (from 8 p.m. in the live ticker on, not after the preliminary round is already over. But it’s not that far yet, so first the German players in the individual review: Only the shot by Hirving Lozano could not be parried by Neuer. (Photo: imago / Imaginechina) Manuel Neuer: Bright yellow shoes, bright green captain’s armband – and a measly 135 minutes Match practice in the football year 2018: This is how the 32-year-old Bayern goalkeeper booted into his third football World Cup in Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium. Pleasing: The DFB captain nourished himself with mandatory parades and excursions towards the center circle in his 77th

International match no doubt about the World Cup suitability of the «» metatarsus of the nation «». Saved Marvin Plattenhardt with a bold throw at a failed return tackle in the second minute early on a World Cup horror debut, in stoppage time the «» Captain «» himself entered the Mexican penalty area. But he didn’t force the equalizer either, although the Mexicans and his defense had brought him into the game well: In the first half hour, Neuer was more busy than in the tests against Austria and Saudi Arabia combined.

Unpleasant: For the first time he had to accept a goal in a World Cup opening game, the beautiful opening zero from the four-goal festivals against Australia (2010) and Portugal (2014) is history.