You can play in the four places above «», he highlighted

You can play in the four places above «», he highlighted

Simeone also noted that "without a doubt" from the outside "many people value" what Atlético has done in recent years. "I think that coaches value regularity because we know how difficult it is and because that strength is given to us by the club", he remarked.

The killer instinct went with Suárez

On Lokomotiv, he described him as "very competitive". "His records from his last 14 games speak for themselves. In the five defeats they have had, they have not been by more than one goal and they have been close and competitive matches, so we are talking about a team that knows how to compete"he warned.

Luis Suárez already begins to beat marks in the Athletic one

Suárez explains how his "new life" at Atlético

However, he did not want to say if the Russian team were more level than last year when they also met in the group stage. "It wouldn’t be fair to tell me if it’s better or not", settled. "It is a team that folds back very well, that counterattacks very quickly, that has a lot of defensive strength and that knows what it wants to do on the pitch.", he concluded.

The Argentine coach and former Barça coach Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino confesses in an interview to the magazine ‘Panenka’ that his season at the head of the Blaugrana team was «a total failure», not only for not winning any first level title, but for the team’s play.


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«My thing at Barça was a total failure», admits ‘Tata’, “normally a failure means not winning, but my vision is different. If Barça had had a team profile, even if we had not won the title it would not have been a failure. But we didn’t win it and we didn’t play well. That League would have been one more title that would not have contributed anything to the club ”.

In addition, the Argentine coach recognizes that his departure from Barça had already been decided months before the end of that 2013-14 season. “My decision to leave would not have changed either. There was no need to prolong something that had been dead for a long time ”, he admits. 

In this sense, Martino confesses that the jump to Barça was too big for him. «If you don’t win and you’re a foreigner, you can’t 1xbet withdrawal problems pretend not to receive criticism, especially if you don’t have a past at the club. I should have looked for my place in Europe starting elsewhere. If a coach asked me for advice in a similar situation, I would tell him to go to school, to go to other clubs first, ”explains the Argentine coach. 

Tata maintains the feeling that Barça came looking for him because the club «needed someone to resolve the issue quickly after Tito’s illness.» 

«Things had gone well for me in Argentina, with a team that had played football very well, and it matched the form of Barça,» he adds. But upon arrival in Spain, «99 percent of the people were unaware of my idea of ​​football,» he concedes. 

«The obligation at Barça to play well was obvious. Probably against Atlético, although they had validated the goal and we would have been champions, Barça ended up being far from the best version of what it is and that is not enough. When they carry excellence in one way, the commitment of that club is not only to win but to do it in a certain way. That is why, in the way they played, it was good for Atlético de Madrid to win the League, ”he says. 

He also praises his compatriot Simeone, “the heart of Atlético”, who “feels and transmits his idea” and who has been able to give back “the identity” to the mattress team.

«Barça does not have the need to have a coach who lives motivating his players, but who understands what the club’s philosophy of play is,» adds Tata. 

In his humane treatment, Martino keeps good memories of his season at Can Barça. “It was very easy to be with the Barça footballers, there was nothing you can imagine from the outside. They are very simple people and for me it was a pleasure ”. 

Messi’s leadership

About Messi, Martino explains that he is the best in the world “because he does everything natural, when he plays and when he trains”, both in the national team and at Barça. «At Barça it was the same, a quiet boy, who spoke what was necessary but when he does, it must be taken into account.» 

«Messi has a head of ‘number one’ and is preparing for it. When I see what he has to live […] I think about how he can be able to bear that ”. 

Tata also explains that Messi is still thinking about winning the World Cup. “He has it deep inside and wants to achieve it. He is going to die trying ”. 

Between Messi and Maradona, Tata establishes a comparison that has to do with character. “Both win in dribbling, also in vision of the game, set pieces… In leadership capacity, perhaps Diego did play that role more in the dressing room. And it’s not that Leo doesn’t have that ability, it’s just that he’s not interested. He wants to play football ”.

Finally, Tata also admits that if he fails to qualify Argentina for the World Cup «I would have to commit suicide.»

«It would be a failure if the way of playing is insisted and it does not add up, but we also have to get a title,» he explains about the pressure on the Argentine team. 

Simeone spoke at a press conference about the performance of João Félix with his team, praising his performance and asked him the same for Atlético: "It is very important to us. I watched his games with Portugal and I liked him for his work, his contraction to what the team needed. We know that talent has it and that it can appear at any moment, but with Portugal he took a step and showed commitment to what the team needed. That speaks highly of him and we need him. You can play in the four places above", he stressed.


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He also spoke of the collective performance in the first days of the League, praising what he has seen from the team: "he is excited because he has energy, desire, ambition and wants to compete. Against Granada we were lucky to score, against Huesca we were not so fine in front of goal and with Villarreal we lacked lucidity, but the intention is", reassured.

This Saturday, Atlético will return to the official competition in Vigo. "The Celta at home needs to be strong. It comes from two defeats and we from two draws, it is going to be a very complete match and with great need from both parties"Simeone settled. The colchoneros won by sweeping the first day by 6 to 1, but in the following matches they failed to see the goal.

He analyzed the transfer window that ended on October 5, just before the national team break, in which they lost an important piece in midfield with the departure of Thomas Partey to Arsenal, but they made up for it with the arrival of the player "gunner" Lucas Torreira. Simeone expressed that he is very happy with the squad that ended up being closed. "We have footballers to compete very well and it will depend on everyone being available to do their best. We have an important squad where the 21 we have can play.

About the Ghanaian player he said that: "In these situations of the clauses we cannot give many opinions. I’m happy for Thomas. I remember him from those first games that we saw him in the reserve team playing with Sául. We started uploading it and the process cost a lot. He went to Almería, came back and had a hard time finding a stable place, but he is an extraordinary player and he will surely do very well at Arsenal. We wish him the best because he is a boy we love very much"

He wanted to make clear his thoughts on the signing of the Uruguayan international: "will provide energy, vitality and recoveries". "He comes from a time when he was not playing, he will be very excited and hopefully when he has to do so he will respond to what we expect of him"

The possible arrival of Kondogbia has been talked about a lot, but the coach wanted to step out making it clear that: "I haven’t talked to him, and I don’t talk to guys who aren’t with us"

Thomas’ 50 million will alleviate Atlético’s debts

Costa-Llorente, the provisional duo of Simeone

He ended with a wish for the complicated commitments to come: "Hopefully we can manage it in the best way so that they are happy and can respond because now seven games are coming in 22 days", he remembered.

The trident lit the Barça lights: Messi, Griezmann and Luis Suárez led the Barça team’s victory at Villarreal, a fearsome field that nevertheless succumbed without resistance to the talent of the especially inspired Barça forwards. From his hand, the team regained the lucidity it had lost in previous games. 


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Villarreal 1-4 Barcelona: This is more like it, but too late


LaLiga Santander




Villarreal CF

Asenjo, Gaspar, Albiol, Pau Torres, Alberto Moreno, Iborra (Bruno Soriano, 45 ‘), Anguissa, Chukwueze, Cazorla (Manu Trigueros, 55’), Gerard Moreno (Moi Gómez, 45 ‘) and Paco Alcácer (Bacca, 35 ‘).

FC Barcelona

Ter Stegen, Semedo (Rakitic, 59 ‘), Piqué (Araujo, 81’), Lenglet, Jordi Alba, Busquets (Braithwaite, 72 ‘), Arturo Vidal, Sergi Roberto, Messi, Griezmann (Ansu Fati, 71’) and Luis Suarez (Riqui Puig, 59 ‘).


0-1, min. 3: Pau Torres in own goal. 1-1, min. 13: Gerard Moreno takes advantage of a rejection by Ter Stegen. 1-2, min. 19: Suárez, from the vertex of the area, to pass from Messi. 1-3, min. 44: Griezmann, with a soft Vaseline from the front. 1-4, min. 86: Ansu receives a pass from Alba, progresses and hits the short stick.