i have the issue that is same a man im since two years together.

i have the issue that is same a man im <a href="https://datingmentor.org/amor-en-linea-review/">amor en linea</a> since two years together.

Today or better said i was together because i have ended this relationship. Isnt my first language before i go further i want to say sorry if my english isnt that perfect im not from america or england and it. The initial months as we had been together it had been really good. I woke up in which he composed really sweet messages in my opinion (that I didnt anticipated after all ever) nonetheless it made me personally happy of course…to get daily messages. Not simply within the morning. He had written to me personally the entire day.as quickly when I arrived online later in the day he immediately penned he had been like waiting around for me. And someday every one of unexpected all of it stopped. Absolutely nothing occurred (no fight or arguing absolutely nothing) the very first time i wasnt really worried about just a lil bit wondered and perhaps also a little sad because we havent heard from him he didnt react to my messages after all. I was concerned he might had any sort of accident or something like that bad took place. That i didnt got any message. On the 2nd day I became concerned.

A day and then i was really worried i could almost not concentrate on my work cause i have had scenarios in my mind what might could have happened to him i work 14 hours.

. Wrote him whenever I possibly could take some break to understand that all things are alright with him.no reaction after all. But we saw him being online each of sudden…so we thought ok then at least nothing really bad can have happened to him.so (he is at least alive) i finally reached him in the evening (he answered the phone) it was like nothing has ever happened. I said “i was worried because you didnt respond” he said “i dont look all the time on my phone” “i have other things to do than typing messages” and “the phone keyboard is annoying” “the app takes too long to load” (we used an app to communicate for free) “he hates to write messages on phone and doesnt want to do that anymore” and i was kinda shocked and confused. I was thinking omg how could he ignore this all i was worried that he is dead and he couldnt even respond like “no im alive”…and it continued like this for the next 10 months. Well i can say i felt like an idiot to write all the time and never got any respond at all. And i didnt even offend him. I wrote things like: that i hope he has a good day or that he is feeling alright, that i think about him and love him, miss him. And everytime i had a lil time at work to look on my phone i was disappointed cause he ignored me completely if he is online.

. I woulda have prefered a message respond with love “sorry i dont love both you and i dont miss you” but its worse to disregard somebody.

At very first i was thinking he could be maybe stressed. And then we didnt want to bother him I happened to be thinking he can have his reasons if he doesnt write. But like i said it proceeded and i actually felt as an idiot.so i stopped to create him entirely.no messages in the morning.no messages throughout the day.at first it felt strange but before long I obtained familiar with it and in addition didnt think of composing him any longer or even to look back at my phone for a note from him. But one thing had been missing. We see each other so less as a result of work. We dont actually life near one another. I told him personally I think unloved and im a nagging bitch in which he has a great deal anxiety with learning that he cant always write. I said to him ” i work 14 hours a day and i find the time and energy to compose a brief message it doesnt break my fingers”. He reacted about this “yes you might be miss perfect”. (to the point I have to say he could be workless sincei know him and failed their exams three times) but i never puttet him straight down with hsi problems i desired always stay behind him whatever happens. I shoulda have actually pushed him down.it ended up being pretty disrespectful it hurtet me personally constantly as he called me something such as this. Something like “miss perfect” what is miss perfect about simply because we have a job and compose my boyfriend throughout the day. He might make such big battles about absolutely nothing it seemed.it that he changed. He said ended up being like my face falls down within a second. I think he had an issue that i was working and then he didnt. He stayed which means that in my experience for approximately 10 months.no messages no responding. Nobody is the fact that busy he feels better that he can never ever write a message. Not even the most hardcore workoholic on earth. And he defenetily wasnt a workoholic. But i couldnt change it what should i do about that. Quit my job? It was like nothing has happened but it still felt with less love. I dont know why this all changed it was like “BAMMMMM” from one day to another he was like another person without that i have seen any logical reason that it happened when we have seen each other. Having less interaction made us drifting apart. I produced funny experiment. I have deliver him sexy photos (im not moving in information) he then reacted. With a look and compliments.to all the following communications by desperately getting any attention or love from him. Which is kinda laughable and sad. Like 2 years ago i was model so i look extremely good i would say. (im just saying to show that im not so ugly to desperately run behind a man because i couldtn have another one) and he.is everything else than an adonis from me. Nothing…thenpictures again…and i got a message within seconds. I catch me. We cant know the way they can treat me personally similar to this. And i cant understand why i also love him. There is absolutely nothing to love down. He isnt even successfull and he has no money. Sorry that was a lot but i had to get this all off me xD i hope to get away from the feelings towards him soon and to find someone who loves and respects me ?? about him he is neither nice to me he insults me a lot he pushes me

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